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Mayoor School, Raipur (MSR) has a counseling department and a full time counselor to support its mission in developing the health and well-being of each student.

The counseling department offers individual, group, and family support, as well as crisis management to the students, families, and faculty of MSR community. Referrals to the counseling department are made in a variety of ways.

Many times, students take appointments to see a counselor; but parents, teachers, administrator, and friends can also make referrals. The counseling department may also refer students or families to trusted outside professionals for more extensive support.

The department directs educational programs throughout the two divisions – Junior School and Middle School. In the Junior School, the counselor meets with classes in grades I – V to discuss friendships, self-awareness, forgiveness, conflict resolution, and other aspects of developing character. In the Middle School, students participate in the Life Skills Program, which complements their academic curriculum.

Mentoring is a very important aspect of education these days; with an overdose of exposure it’s important for teachers to address each child’s emotional needs personally, especially during those transition years of teens. MSR aims to strike a balance of emotional and intellectual competencies.