Located in the pristine suburb of Raipur approximately 3 kilometers from “International Cricket Stadium” & on road to NH-53 “The MSR is” one of the best schools of Raipur. Having roots going back to 1870’s the Mayoor School Raipur is the 5th Institution of “Mayo College General Council” Ajmer. The Boarding facility at MSR is the best & the only one with a Royal heritage in Raipur. Apart from basic facilities all rooms are air-conditioned so that your child can focus on his/her studies even in the harshest summer of central India. Surrounded with Lush green environment the boarders enjoy the freshness of nature
Un- pared academics
MSR’s Boarding school nourishes students very deeply & their results speaks for itself as all the Toppers in academics are boarding students
Extensive Sports Programs
Sports and arts programs provide balance to the learning and maturation processes taking place in young people during school. That's why we set aside large amounts of time, usually Morning & early evening, when the whole student body suits up and gets out on the field for some serious exercise and athletic activity. Yes, you can play varsity sports if that is your inclination; we offer wide range of sports so that everybody can participate. As you will quickly discover when you visit schools on your short list, sports programs are an integral part of the school's life and purpose.
Whole Campus (including the hostel) is monitored by CCTV cameras & full teams of security personally are on patrol 24*7 so that only the desired elements can move in the secured environment of the MSR Campus. At times it’s better for the child to study at a boarding school like MSR where your child can learn to play in green pastures, socialize with peers, study in groups and enjoy a life that has been lost in most major cities in India. The quiet innocence of the boarding school, ensures that your kids aren’t made aware of all the bad things happening in life, and are allowed enough time to fully develop in a lively & energetic environment.