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Campus Design

Campus Design

The campus is christened as “Prasadhana”, as a tribute to the Parents of Promoters. The School built in memory of Late Shri Prahalad Raj Ahuja is built in land area of about 24 acres. It’s a Green Campus with land coverage of only 20% and remaining land is landscaped and includes the sports grounds. The following are the main buildings:

  • School Academic Building
  • Sports Complex
  • Auditorium
  • Dining Hall
  • Transport Bay
  • Security Cell

The Campus design is inspired by the contemporary designs of Spanish Architecture. The stunning main building at the front is soothing and welcoming. The Campus is eco-friendly and designed for physically challenged. The visitors entry is restricted to Central Dome of the main building thus providing secured environment for students, who are engaged in their own little world behind the Main Building. The Transport System modeled around the Transport Bay ensures easy movement of vehicles and students.

Overall, the campus is designed to meet the best practices of the school campus around the world.

The enchanting campus is designed by the renowned architects and planners, Suresh Babu & Partners, Mumbai.  Enhancing the aesthetic value of the space is Arunkumar Landscape Architects Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.