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Academic Excellence

MSR follows the CBSE & IGCSE curriculum. The teaching methodology and the focus on the professional growth of the teacher would be integrated with the CBSE curriculum through the analysis of concepts, customized resource kits and use of technology.

The teaching process is customized to suit the needs of the learners with an emphasis on thinking skills, life skills and knowledge related to real life. The curriculum is divided into two levels – elementary and secondary.

Elementary Level – Grade I to VIII
• Tapping the curiosity of the student
• Encouraging holistic learning
• Skill development and refinement
• Introduction to independent learning
• Promote learning by project method, creative thinking, library research, neighbourhood learning, learning communities and informational technology exercises
• Help develop hobbies through various clubs, network socially through surveys, fieldtrips, and socially useful and integrated activities such as the Forest of Hearts, Goodness Chain and adoption of Community tasks

Secondary Level – Grade IX to XII
• Nurturing to make the students technically proficient problem solvers, keen intellectual thinkers, career minded, culturally aware, socially proactive, community oriented and achievers in their field
• Exposure to cultural arts, performing arts, leadership training, life skills, basics of yoga, meditation, health consciousness, emotional management and interdependent learning and living
• Motivating to be original thinkers, self disciplined and environment conscious
• Forming volunteer core group to lend support in managing disasters and calamities and be there in the hour of national crisis.

Beyond The Curriculum

MSR cultivates Indian identity, sensitive individual with respect for elders, knowledge of Indian diversity and passion for ethics, courage of conviction and a commitment to help others through neighbourhood surveys, Vyasa peetha, aartis and bhajans, community celebration of national festivals.