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Mayoor Difference

The Mayoor Difference

• Systems and practices of academics and administration modeled around Mayoor School, Ajmer
• School management committee includes equal representation from MCGC, Ajmer
• Exchange programs with schools abroad for students
• Activities revolve around the theme of developing all facets of intelligence
• Tie-ups with leading organizations for music, dance, sports and other activities
• ERP system and smart cards for students from NIIT Quick School
• CCTV and advanced security systems, including fire safety
• A professionally qualified full-time Child Psychologist
• Children’s weekly newspaper for all students from RobinAge, Mumbai
• Workshops and training programs by clubs, associations and maestros in various skills / arts / talent
• Unparalleled sports facilities in Chhattisgarh from first year onwards
• Balanced focus on academics, extracurricular activities, sports and life skills for students
• Specially designed, aesthetically stimulating physical space for every student in arts, drama, theatre, music, dance and life skills
• Training in creative teaching for all teachers by ACT, Bengaluru
• Community centre for Gandhian thought, global warming, cause based leadership and social awareness
• Use of smart classrooms and multimedia content from NIIT’s eGuru
• Teachers recruited from across India and abroad
• Television in school buses showing channels like National Geographic, Discovery or cartoons while travelling to and fro the School
• High quality of indoor air in buses, classrooms, activity halls and administration offices
• Vyasa Curriculum developed by Vyasa Learning Solutions (P) Ltd., Bengaluru
• Tie-ups with special educators from across India to screen and initiate remedial measures for children who need special education
• Regular visits of famous people from various fields across India and globe, for a tête-à-tête with students
• Mind Champions Academy, a joint initiative between grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand and NIIT Ltd.