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MSR Partners

Mayoor School, Raipur (MSR) is associated with Vyasa for entire gamut of school management services right from planning to execution.
Vyasa Learning Solutions (P) Ltd., Bengaluru, is one of the few dedicated educational management companies in India. Vyasa plans, establishes, manages, and promotes educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities.

MSR has partnered with NIIT Ltd., the leading Global Talent Development Corporation and Asia’s largest IT trainer, for all the technology and e-learning needs.
NIIT will provide complete holistic solution for Interactive Classrooms, Math Labs and ERP solution called Quick school.

RobinAge children’s weekly newspaper has been subscribed to encourage the habit of reading through content that is interactive, informative, positive and engaging. RobinAge is a recipient of the 2010 Parents’ Choice Approved Award. The newspaper serves as ‘The Voice of Children’, as 25% of content is created by children.

Academy for Creative Teaching (ACT)
ACT, Bengaluru, is a leading Teacher’s Trainer and School Academic Management company. At MSR, ACT will not only train teachers but will also supervise the academic practices, systems
and curriculum design.


sodexoSodexoMayoor School, Raipur has a vision that encompasses the dreams of hundreds of children, who aspire to have good quaity education which not only imparts knowledge but also inspires creativity and leadership in them. The school has a holistic approach ensuring students get equal opportunity for continuous learning and all round development both within and outside the classroom. Creating conditions in which all children are prepared to learn and succeed in multicultural community can also be achieved by forming partnerships. Hence Mayoor School has chosen to partner with Sodexo to provide a range of food solutions that are hygienic, nutritious and well balanced.